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Hot Yasmin

Nadia - The Math Major

Leilani - The Music Student

Age: 22 Height: 5'6"  Weight: 104  Hair:
Blond Eyes: Blue
Measurements:  34B-24-34
Shoe Size: 6.5
Panty Size: S
Hobbies: Dancing, Guitar Playing,  Swimming

Age: 25 Height:5'6" Weight: 100 Hair: Blond Eyes: Green
Measurements:  32A-22-32
Shoe Size: 6
Panty Size: S
Hobbies:  Reading, Traveling, Movies, Computers

Age: 26  Height:  5'3"  Weight: 115  Hair: Black  Eyes: Black
Measurements:  34C-28-34
Shoe Size: 7.5
Panty Size: M
Hobbies:  Music, Rollerblading,  Cooking, Pillow Fights

Hello boys!
My name is Yasmin and I am 24. I am Nadia's cousin from Germany! When she told me that she's selling her juicy panties online, ... (more)

Hi guys,
I am Nadia, and as you may have already figured out, a student at Columbia, just like my cute roommates. By the way, ... (more)

Aloha gentlemen,
My name is Leilani and I am 22 years old. I am from the beautiful island of Oahu. I was pretty new to NYC when we started this site, but I am still LOVING IT!! ... (more)

Hello boys and girls! Welcome to the  sexy little world of our apartment!!

We are two Columbia University students - and one in Hamburg, Germany :-) - who don't think life should consist exlusively of lectures, exams, cramming, and sitting in coffee shops with our laptops... although we do enjoy this occasionally too... :-}

We used to be three, but Yuuka got transferred and now it's just the two of us - Leilani and Nadia - but three is a good number, and so Yasmin joined us! We have to say that back in the day, when Yuuka - the film major - (we miss you!!) - was with us, we three really found each other when we ended up sharing an apartment in Morningside, near the University! Having hot, sexy, open-minded roommates can be so much fun!! Just imagine... we sometimes clean our place while wearing nothing but cute panties! So the clothes don't get dirty in the process, you know... ;-) Not that we don't have dirty minds!!

So while once Yuuka was testing her new camera, capturing Leilani bending over  the sink with a brush, Nadia just had... an idea! "Why don't we girls have even more innocent fun with this and sell our panties on the internet... given that we all are obsessed with taking our naked pix anyway? Just think: we could buy even more panties!! *lol* Well, and cleaning supplies, too..."

By the way, Leilani & Nadia are Panty Trust verified, and Yasmin is verified at


So... here you are, gentlemen... Click around and ENJOY!!!

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